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Welcome to the home of the Nation's Noodle - five fun rooms of noodeliciousness to explore!

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"Try your hand at noodle art, tell us about your innovations and test your knowledge with our Great British quiz."

Use Your Noodle!

Think you know your bulldogs from your Beatles? Test your British knowledge with our Nation's Top Noodle quiz.

Use your noodle

You've Been Noodled!

Poodle perms and doodle tashes? Give your Facebook friends the look they've always dreamed of with this nifty noodle doodle brush!

You've been noodled

News & Events

We'll be out and about over the coming months having oodles of noodle fun! Find out the wheres, whens and whys here.

News & events

How Do You Noodle?

Do you give 'em the toastie treatment? Bake 'em in a pie? Check out your fellow noodlers' recipes and submit your own too.

How do you noodle

What's your Noodle?

Pop in for all the Nation's Noodle and Nation's Pasta products, plus ingredients and nutritional information for your noodle perusal...

What's your noodle